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Area Rug Care & Maintenance

Providing a little TLC when it comes to the upkeep of your area rugs is easy once you have incorporated these tips to your general cleaning routine. Our Interior Images Flooring experts have provided a list of general guidelines to help you take care of your new area rugs.


Vacuuming with a beater bar (brush) is not recommended as the setting can be too abrasive. Threads and fibers can be easily pulled out and cause fuzzing on the surface of the rug.

Upright or canister vacuums with a hand held attachment is the preferred option when it comes to general upkeep of your area rugs.

Do not vacuum tassels/fringes as this will cause fraying and disintegration of the fibers.

Once vacuuming is complete, be sure to check the bag or canister to see how many fibers it contains. It’s natural for rugs to lightly shed however, if you find there’s a large amount of fibers in your canister or bag, that means your vacuum is too powerful, and you should avoid using it in future.

Spot Cleaning

Spills are inevitable and form part of any household. Try blotting spills right away with a clean white cloth and avoid rubbing the spill as this will cause a bigger, deeper stain.

Avoid using a large amount of water on your rugs as this will cause the dyes to bleed. Always use a small amount of water, just enough to dampen the area.

For those tougher stains, you can mix a little water with a manufacturer's approved stain removal solution and carefully blot the stained area with a clean, white wash cloth.

Carefully scoop up any debris or dry materials with a spoon or a non-sharp object.

For additional maintenance, it is recommended to take your rugs for a deep clean at a trusted, reputable cleaner at least once or twice a year.